Increase the Visibility

Increase Visibility

EuroPass provides 360° expert operational services for targeting chinese Free Independent Traveller (FIT).

EuroPass provides social media management and mobile payment solutions, allows you to integrate information about your product and service, leads to global digital communications.

WeChat City Experience

On December 2017, EuroPass launched “WeChat City Experience”, a Wechat mini program reveals the colours of key cities and countries within Europe in our selection, which can be used for travel guiding, online ticketing & shopping, with e-coupon embedded as well as geo-targeting function, a perfect all-rounded ecosystem dedicated to chinese travellers.

Marketing Campaign

EuroPass equips with diversified digital marketing solutions to promote your business before the eyes of qualified chinese travellers suiting your goal. Traffic Generation, Drive-To-Store, Conversion Rate Improvement, thus to create an O2O environment through designed multichannel marketing campaigns.
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