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EuroPass is a digital solution, developed inside the WeChat environment (1st Social Network in China with 890M users), and committed to encouraging Chinese individual travelers (FIT) to experience the charm of European cultures by providing online tickets booking, original local experiences and exclusive VIP services among luxury brands all around Europe.
EuroPass cooperates with various authentic European based companies, multiple luxury brands, and cities as strategic partners.
EuroPass is both a digital communication agency and a Payment solution provider able to:

  • Create certified WeChat accounts
  • Define and set up your marketing and communication strategy targeting Chinese FIT
  • Offer an online and “in-store” mobile payment solution (WeChat Pay) by handling all transactions to allow you to accept payments in Yuan while collecting the payment in Euros/ Pounds/ Swiss Francs

Previously incubated at the Paris&Co Welcome City Lab, EuroPass is now part of the Lafayette Plug and Play Accelerator

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