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EuroPass provides 360° expertise and operational services for Chinese customers.

EuroPass provides the social media management services and the mobile payment solutions, which allows you to integrate all the information of your products and services and develop a global digital communication approach.
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All Western tourists, not speaking Chinese, and having tried to take a taxi alone in the streets of Shanghai can understand what the Chinese tourists who land at Roissy feel. The barriers of culture and language make the movement of Chinese individual tourists complex in our destinations.

However, to support the growth of Chinese tourist flows in our destinations, this flow can not be confined to major destinations. Venice and Barcelona are already facing issues related to overcrowding. To avoid this problem, but also to allow tourism professionals located outside major international tourist areas to benefit from this market, the accessibility of transport to Chinese travelers must be improved.

In May 2017, EuroPass deployed for the RATP (Régie des Transports Autonomes Parisiens) the first digital tools, a public transport company, dedicated to Chinese tourists.

Since this video made in October 2017 by CGTN France teams, EuroPass has continued to innovate for RATP for the benefit of individual Chinese tourists. In addition to its WeChat account, Chinese equivalent of its website, and the weekly publication of newsletters in Chinese, RATP now has a WeChat mini-program to guide Chinese tourists in Paris and a system “Pay & collect” to resell its tickets in Yuan via WeChat.

Thanks to EuroPass, RATP has reached a level of maturity superior to all other European public transport companies in welcoming Chinese tourists.

EuroPass is now working to duplicate this success across Europe and all modes of transport.

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