EuroPass provides 360° expert operational services for targeting chinese Free Independent Traveller (FIT).
EuroPass provides social media management and mobile payment solutions, allows you to integrate information about your product and service, leads to global digital communications.


The rise of chinese tourism market offers an opportunity for tourism professional who eager to capture the chinese fully independent traveller (FIT) clientele. No longer only confined to emblematic tourist attraction, chinese travellers become more adventurous and sophisticated. In-depth and connotation becomes the new desire.


Despite unfavourable factors such as foreign luxury brand is now more comfortable to be reached domestically, narrowing price-difference ( China <-> other countries ) as well as the emerging chinese luxury brands. Still, Chinese tourist has become the most significant consumer power in the travel retail sector.


No exceptions for Chinese FIT, they use booking app to settle accommodation before departure like all others. “Ctrip” and “Alitrip”,two of the most welcomed chinese-developed platform, while “Expedia” and “” are the two other most used foreign platform concurrently.


Western tourist has ever been attempted to take a taxi in Shanghai should understand how a chinese feel while they landed in Europe. They face both culture and language barrier in here. EuroPass is ready to work with all kind of public transport company, together we create new splendours.
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