EuroPass EuroPass provides 360° expert operational services for targeting chinese Free Independent Traveller (FIT).
EuroPass provides social media management and mobile payment solutions, allows you to integrate information about your product and service, leads to global digital communications.

Chinese Tourism Market

Lessons from the year 2016 and 2018 educated us about the resilience of the Chinese FIT. Despiting content, most business events designed for Chinese FIT recorded a steady growth of engagement year-on-year, revealing the sustainability of the chinese tourism market.

No exceptions for Chinese FIT, they use booking app to settle accommodation before departure like all others. “Ctrip” and “Alitrip”,two of the most welcomed chinese-developed platform, while “Expedia” and “” are the two other most used foreign platform concurrently.

Improve user experience

User Experience Improvement is one of the core value-added services provides to the Hotelier by EuroPass.

WeChat official account and mini-program EuroPass create and manage and boost exposure for the Hotelier, presents their service to aimed target via Point of Interest (POI). Accompanied by supporting services such as customer service hotline, cost-saving thus to be achieved from the exemption of additional recruitment or other fundamental constructions.

For the restaurateur, Europass assist in capturing qualified traffic, while improving the in-store experience. EuroPass promotes your gastronomy to Chinese FIT through geolocation function, couponing/discounting are also an effective option to stimulate sales

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