EuroPass provides 360° expert operational services for targeting chinese Free Independent Traveller (FIT).
EuroPass provides social media management and mobile payment solutions, allows you to integrate information about your product and service, leads to global digital communications.
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Western tourist has ever been attempted to take a taxi in Shanghai should understand how a chinese feel while they landed in Europe. They face both culture and language barrier in here.

Further, major destinations like Venice and Barcelona are overcrowding. Both to solve the problem and to grow chinese FIT, crowd control and decentralization are effective and worthy to do, benefits tourism professional based outside major destinations as well as improves the accessibility for chinese travellers.

On May 2017, EuroPass develops its first digital tool for the RATP (Régie des Transports Autonomes Parisiens), a french public transport company served numerous chinese tourist.

Since this video production on October 2017 by team France CGTN, EuroPass continues to innovate for RATP to benefits chinese traveller. Not only limited to its Wechat account but the chinese version of its official website, weekly newsletters in chinese etc..Most importantly a Wechat mini-program guide travel with a built-in”pay & collect” function, resell its ticket settled in RMB via WeChat.

Walked all the way with EuroPass, RATP becomes a leading enterprise regarding chinese tourist receiving among the industry. EuroPass is ready to work with all kind of public transport company, together we create new splendours.

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