Digital Solutions for Chinese Tourism 2019

Digital Solutions for Chinese Tourism 2019

The rise of the Chinese tourism market offers an opportunity for tourism professionals, eager to capture this clientele of fully independent travellers (FIT). This blog will introduce the important digital solutions for Chinese tourism provided by EuroPass.

According to the report of UNWTO (United Nations world Tourism Organization), Chinese tourism achieved the Double-Digit Growth in 2016 by 12 percent and maintained the fifth consecutive year of world’s largest source of international tourists.

Tourist industry analysis - EuroPass
FITs (Free independent travelers) tend to be the new trends among Chinese tourists, the consumption gradually turn from low-cost group tours to high-spending independent travel.
Chinese Tourist industry analysis - EuroPass
Source: WTOF & Tourism Research Centre, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences World Tourism Economy Trends (2019)

As the rapid development of e-payment, is has broken the dominant position of credit card in tourist industry. A new study shows that 60 percent of European Chinese tourists choose mobile payment as their first choice.

Smart solution with WeChat Payment as the core digital solutions for Chinese tourism has been brought to millions of offline stores in more than 30 industries in China and the cooperation with European merchant, for example, Paris-based department store Guerlain assistant to provide WeChat payment being friendly with Chinese tourists and offering more diversified personalized products and services.

Digital Solutions for Chinese Tourism - EuroPass
The most used Travel App in Chinese tourism such as Ctrip, Qunar, LY.COM all develop the Mini-program version on WeChat providing the service such as checking transportation, ordering tickets and accommodation, etc.

In recent years, WeChat has become the main social media in China holding 1.12 billion monthly active users and Year-on-year growth of 6.9% (Q1 2019). As the development of the related procedures, WeChat has been seen as a complete replacement or a necessary complement for E-commerce website, APP and other digital marketing platforms. WeChat is a multifunctional channel and the most important center for connecting to Chinese market by diverse functions provided. It has been seen as the most important digital solutions platform for Chinese Tourism.

WeChat Official Accounts

WeChat Official Accounts is an interface the brand could send the notifications, accumulate followers and develop the awareness and engagement with the customers and potential customers on the platform WeChat. The articles are also could designed to have the CTA with the link of e-commerce interface.
Digital Solutions for Chinese Tourism WeChat Official Account
EuroPass WeChat Official Accounts
Digital Solutions for Chinese Tourism WeChat Official Account
The notifications normally are shown in the chat section and appear in the top of the chat section, users also could find it anytime in Official Accounts interface. Users can find the notifications easily by QR CODE, research and Sharing name card and brands could display all the relevant marketing information in the notifications.

WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay could realize the e-Payment as long as the WeChat user have connected their bank cards. WeChat simplify the payment process in several methods and identity the Payee and payer through the QR Code – scan in 1 seconds. The cross-border settlement allows Chinese Customer to pay in CNY for major foreign currencies overseas and maintain the transaction in foreign currency.
Digital Solutions for Chinese RATP WeChat Mini-Program
RATP ticketing mini-program
Digital Solutions for Chinese WeChat Mini-Program
Montparnasse ticketing mini-program
Chinese customers are likely to consume more using WeChat Pay overseas. This is one of best way of customer engagement for Chinese market.

WeChat Mini-Program is the sub-applications within the WeChat ecosystem which allows user visit the websites without leaving WeChat. The mini-program has a casual way to use without downloading and installing.

WeChat Mini-Program can be widely used in different industries: Tourism, Retail, Hospitality, and transportation. WeChat Mini Games, information spread, communal facilities (for example, transportation) and e-commerce are main pattern of manifestation of realization. The functions inside it are mainly share with e-commerce, friends, coupons. WeChat Mini-Program allows brands settle in the local application and adapt to Chinese consumption habits.

Digital Solutions for Chinese Tourism - WeChat Travel experience mini-program
WeChat Travel Experience
Digital Solutions for Chinese Tourism - WeChat Travel experience mini-program

3. Other Channels

Weibo is one of most open social media platforms in China. It’s similar to the combination of Facebook and Twitter, main function is entertaining, exchange information and follow the celebrities. Weibo has several marketing campaigns and media forms supporting brands raise the awareness through content marketing, online campaigns.
Digital Solutions for Chinese Tourism - Weibo office de tourisme
Weibo Paris Tourist Office
Digital Solutions for Chinese Tourism - Weibo office de tourisme


Douyin is the Chinese mini-music-video social platform with full-screen interface and powerful AI technology who enjoy the high reputation among the young users. Having over 1 million monthly active users, Douyin ranked 6th most downloaded app worldly in first quarter of 2018 within non-game IOS app. Douyin’s user concentrate in Chinese first-tier and second-tier cities who has strong buying power. KOLs contribute profoundly in Douyin to determinate the Z generation.
Digital Solutions for Chinese Tourism - Digital Solutions for Chinese Tourism - Douyin Paris tourist office
Douyin Paris Tourist Office

4. Peak Time Channel

For Chinese customer, the seasonality of tourist industry is obvious. Better focus on specific customer portrait on specific period develop the accuracy of brands marketing. There are 4 main peak time of Chinese tourist visit Europe: The May Day holiday, the summer vocation, the National Day Golden Week and the Spring Festival holiday. During these peak times, China’s tourism industry has become the top beneficiary.

There were 6.5 million Chinese tourists traveled abroad in lunar New Year in 2018, according to the report published jointly by China tourism Academy, the China National Tourism Administration and Ctrip, which rise by 5.7 percent from 2017. At the same time, Chinese have more and more digital ways to celebrate holidays, for example distributing the red envelope on WeChat and attending themed campaigns on Douyin.


Key Opinion Leader is generally defined as those persons who has more accurate and professional information in a specific area. They are accepted or trusted by relevant group and has a great influence on the purchasing behavior. In China, the social platforms like Weibo, WeChat, Xiaohongshu and some small video or live-streaming platforms are the most used for KOL.
Digital Solutions for Chinese Tourism - Digital Solutions for Chinese Tourism - Digital Solutions for Chinese Tourism - Digital Solutions for Chinese Tourism - KOL campaign Paris tourism ambassador
KOL Campaign: 2019 Paris tourism ambassador
The advantage of KOL is the campaign collect the audience who is relevant to the promotion content in one time, relying on the influence of KOLs, ROI is relatively high and the investment is relatively low compared to Celebrity Endorsement.

H5 game activation campaign

H5 game is the application in the WeChat group, which is one type of Mini-Program. Users could open and share the game easily with very short processing time. It could be combined with campaigns in WeChat Official Accounts, creating better user experience and realize the impressive communication.
Digital Solutions for Chinese Tourism Guerlain Chinese New year H5 game
Guerlain Chinese New Year H5 game

We Designed Marketing Campaigns by WeChat Mini Game and we created the treasure hunt game and offer different prizes such like the tickets of Paris Attractions to introduce the business and arise awareness of potential clients. By the interesting and bonus system, the client’s engagement is improved.

WeChat Moments Ads

WeChat Moments Ads is in the form of original content similar to the general information by friends. While the targeted display is based on WeChat user portrait by collection users’ information, it can interactively spread native information flow advertisements relying on WeChat friend relation chain.
Digital Solutions for Chinese Tourism WeChat Moment Ads
EuroPass WeChat Moments Ads
Digital Solutions for Chinese Tourism WeChat Moment Ads
This channel is possible to fulfill different campaign: brand promotion or event promotion, promotion of merchant coupon, Mobile app promotion, local sores promotion, etc.
Digital Solutions for Chinese Tourism WeChat Moment Ads
Link of EuroPass WeChat Moments Ads
Link of WeChat Moments Ads 1
At the same time, it contains “view details” share link and user social interaction which permit the communication between the brand and customers one-by-one and also take advantage of their mature networks to reduce the CPM cost.
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