Nuestro equipo

Nuestro equipo

Fundada en 2015, EuroPass es una agencia de soluciones digitales de servicio completo para el turismo chino con un equipo profesional y dinámico. Brindamos soluciones de WeChat & Weibo Management, WeChat Pay & Alipay y campañas de marketing digital en WeChat, Weibo, Alipay, Baidu ...

EuroPass agencia digital de servicio completo para turismo chino dirigido a FIT.

Xiaoxiao MA EuroPass

What does a typical day at work look like?

Many appointments, then I come back to the office to answer questions from my colleagues. At the end of the day I focus on my work by responding to clients and moving forward in my work.

Digital Solution Manager
Yu WU Jasper EuroPass

What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently preparing a Geneva campaign for next year regarding Chinese social networks (weibo / wechat) + tik tok and also take care of the New York project with the creation of the POI.

Marketing Project Manager
Kun DU EuroPass

In three words, how would you describe your role?

Serious (especially with payment), active (must respond quickly and efficiently to customers), versatile (with several traces to manage at the same time).

E-Commerce & Payment Operation Manager

What do you like best about your job?

Discussing a project: the most interesting because everyone relates to what we are going to do, there are many ideas and this allows us to share our opinions.

Product Manager
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