As a professional digital agency for Mafengwo Marketing solutions, EuroPass can provide account registration, content creation, and design of personalised Mafengwo marketing campaigns.

EuroPass Italia Srl propone una conoscenza a 360° dei servizi operativi rivolti ai viaggiatori indipendenti cinesi (FIT).

Registrazione dell'account

The creation of a Mafengwo account will be the first step to establish your online presence on the platform. It allows you to share your own content, and to interact with the content other users published.

EuroPass helps you complete the whole registration process: account creation, name selection, and account certification.

Content Creation

On this platform dedicated to User Generated Content by user sharing travel experiences and travel advice, the quality of the content is essential. Users are not looking for advertisement, but for trustful information and useful advice that will help them build their trips.

Our marketing team will design and produce quality content that will actively help and inspire users browsing Mafengwo in order to plan their future trips, while promoting your brand and your services to the Chinese tourists. The content will be designed to inspire FIT about a trip and guide them during its planning. As your Mafengwo content will inspire new trips, travellers will then share their own experiences on the platform, becoming ambassadors of your brand.

Advertisement & Marketing campaigns

In un'epoca in cui i consumatori non sono più fedeli a un determinato brand, l'esposizione è ancora più importante. Qualità e contenuti mirati e pubblicazioni periodiche sono ciò che Europass offre per raggiungere sia la fidelizzazione dei clienti che l'espansione dei follower. Il nostro team di esperti sa come catturare l'attenzione attraverso una serie di tricks per la pubblicazione Weibo (ad esempio, hot topics in tempo reale)

Want to learn more about Mafengwo? EuroPass has created a report about all you need to know about the platform and its marketing opportunities! In order to get this report, just send a request email at

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