As a professional digital agency for Mafengwo Marketing solutions, EuroPass can provide account registration, content creation, and design of personalised Mafengwo marketing campaigns.

EuroPass欧洲通 为中国自由行游客(FIT)提供全方位的专业信息与服务。


The creation of a Mafengwo account will be the first step to establish your online presence on the platform. It allows you to share your own content, and to interact with the content other users published.

EuroPass helps you complete the whole registration process: account creation, name selection, and account certification.

Content Creation

On this platform dedicated to User Generated Content by user sharing travel experiences and travel advice, the quality of the content is essential. Users are not looking for advertisement, but for trustful information and useful advice that will help them build their trips.

Our marketing team will design and produce quality content that will actively help and inspire users browsing Mafengwo in order to plan their future trips, while promoting your brand and your services to the Chinese tourists. The content will be designed to inspire FIT about a trip and guide them during its planning. As your Mafengwo content will inspire new trips, travellers will then share their own experiences on the platform, becoming ambassadors of your brand.

Advertisement & Marketing campaigns

相比于传统消费者,千禧一代对物品所有权的重视程度更低,而对体验的重视程度更高。优质的内容创建与发布有助于向用户传递有价值的信息,而这正是EuroPass欧洲通所追求的。我们的专业团队对微博的热点性内容、时效性内容和促销性内容等的传播有着丰富的经验,通过一系列内容营销方式来吸引用户的注意力, 传递企业的品牌价值。

Want to learn more about Mafengwo? EuroPass has created a report about all you need to know about the platform and its marketing opportunities! In order to get this report, just send a request email at

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