WeChat Smart Ticketing Solution  For Business

WeChat Smart Ticketing Solution For Business

This is a solution for you if you’re interested in the Chinese market & in providing a WeChat ticketing solution. Companies all over are interested in creating a presence in China. WeChat Official Account is an ideal tool for Businesses to allow you to do this. WeChat is one of the most multi-functional social apps.

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wechat ticketing business - EuroPass Blog

WeChat is Chinese Facebook but for everything. This is an ideal channel for western businesses who are looking to attract the Chinese market or to support customers in China, Chinese customers travelling abroad or their local domestic Chinese customers. It can provide these business with a diverse volume of people looking to buy, travel or study abroad, to name a few.

WeChat is the most commonly used app in China with 1.12 billion Monthly Active Users (2019 Q1 Tencent). That means you’ll get access to about 81% of China’s 1.38 Billion people just through one app, which they use on average for 70 minutes on average every day.

In addition, with numerous unique functions and platforms ranging from payment to social media, from services to shopping and more, it is equivalent to multiple Google Play or App Store’s apps, but all merged into one.

However, WeChat Business isn’t just about targeting Chinese users in China. It’s also about targeting the massive number of Chinese spread around the world. More and more Chinese people are using WeChat to pay for goods and services around the world. Alipay has landed in 38 countries and regions abroad, accessing hundreds of thousands of local businesses and attractions (Xinhua net).

wechat ticketing business - EuroPass Blog


Smart ticketing is not a new concept. However, with the development of IOT technology, such as contactless bank cards and smart apps, e-ticketing has now reached a new milestone. Now offering similar services, WECHAT SMART TICKETING(WST) makes ticketing easier to access than ever before.

It has become an easy method of payment thanks to the evolution of smartphones. These offer more than just easy access with the ability to look up real-time information, allowing multimodality and streamlining the transport experience.

wechat ticketing business - EuroPass Blog


WECHAT SMART TICKETING (WST) based on the WeChat public platform and WeChat payment, by using the mini-program and related functions. WST establishes connections among the before-sales, after-sales, before-use,  and after-use. Then, according to the specific needs of your company to provide supporting solutions to realise smart payment and related issues.

  • Physical WeChat ticket window, scan code to buy tickets immediately
  • QR code to achieve C2B crowd funding for the event
  • WeChat Moments supports to pay for tickets
  • WeChat payment + online seats selection
  • Tickets in time assignment
  • Card package saving
  • Online ticketing mall
  • Real time notice before the reservation
  • Intelligent ticket verification
  • 24-hour customer support (WIFI connect, online souvenir purchase, indoor navigation)
  • Customer review and recommendation
  • CRM data with intelligent membership system
  • Customer coupon assignment
  • Group all the customer for marking champion


In fact, WECHAT SMART TICKETING is the foundation for achieving New Retail. It can be achieved by online and offline integration. In the words of Jack Ma “New Retail is making the distinction between physical and virtual commerce obsolete.”. The new retail is business restructuring: the process of reconstructing traditional business elements such as “people, products, fields (scene)” using the Internet and big data, WeChat smart ticketing helps ticketing business enter into this new retail, including refactoring production processes, rebuild relationship between business and consumers, and refactoring shopping experiences.

The advantage of WST is the powerful product sales ability, which relies on the Real-time synchronisation for product sales, inventory function, SKU shelf and so on. Whether the innovation of traditional sales channels or the development of new retail, WST can help them to achieve real-time control of distribution, marketing campaigns, and inventory. As a result, it makes the sales online and offline working together.

WST enables a high degree of cooperation between online retails and offline retails leading to products being more valuable. The social content really highlights the characteristics of product selling. The online and offline simultaneous sales optimize time and logistics costs, enabling customers to obtain a better consumer experience.

WST support the mutual real-time communication among all the customers. It can transact data, connect information and services in one place to promote the sharing no matter online or offline.

With this function, it can rebuild the relationship between business and consumers, Creating and stimulating customer engagement behaviour to keep the loyalty degree to get the lifetime value of every customer, resulting in enhanced ROI result.

WST cover all the channels of business with data. With the data monitoring and mining, WST helps business to shorten their operation time, enhance the operational experience and control all of the process. Also, meeting the individual needs of every event.

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