Increase Visibility

Increase Visibility in China

Increase Visibility in China by EuroPass tourism mini-program and Chinese Social media digital marketing Campaigns: Weixin, Weibo, Alipay, Baidu…

EuroPass full-service digital agency targeting Chinese Free Independent Travellers (FIT).

WeChat Travel Experience Increase Visibility in China
On December 2017, EuroPass launched the “WeChat Travel Experience”, a WeChat mini-program revealing the colours of key cities and countries in Europe. Our selection can be used as a travel guide, online ticketing & shopping, e-couponing, as well as a geo-targeting function. WeChat Travel Experience is a perfect well-rounded ecosystem dedicated to Chinese travellers.
EuroPass provides diversified digital marketing solutions to promote your business to a qualified audience of Chinese travellers to meet your objectives. Create an O2O environment via well designed multichannel marketing campaigns and Generate Traffic, Drive-To-Store, Improve your Conversion Rate
Increase Visibility in China
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