Increase visibility

Increase visibility

EuroPass is the digital agency dedicated to Chinese tourism customers, European leader in the implementation of Chinese digital solutions.

Increase visibility - short videos
Short videos

The short videos recently became the most popular online marketing channel in China with the emergence of new solution. Especially after the outbreak of covid-19, more and more people tend to browse short videos to pass their fragmented time at home. As a digital marketing expert, EuroPass is also following the trend of short videos. We hope to let more people know about Europe in this way.

At present, EuroPass manages dozens of video channels for its clients, in tourism and retail :

Media & KOLs
EuroPass has issued many press releases for its clients and projects. EuroPass also cooperated with dozens of KOLs mostly on Weibo and WeChat platforms. EuroPass also activated few Chinese Stars for some major operations.
Increase visibility - media kols
Increase visibility - live streaming&live shopping
Live Streaming & Live shopping

Live Shopping is a limited-time event that can be promoted by one or several influencers, and during which users see the brand’s product and benefit from unique offers.

Chinese public interest in Live Streaming has increased sharply, especially since the health crisis. The monthly number of active users for all live streaming applications reached 129 million in July 2020, an increase of 182.7% from the previous year.

EuroPass brings you professional expertise with an experienced team and professional equipment to carry out your own Live Streaming sessions. The objectives will be to promote your brand and your products to your audience of Chinese consumers. EuroPass can activate its cross-border e-commerce platform to manage direct sales and thus improve the ROI of the operation.

Do not hesitate to contact EuroPass if you want personalized advice in order to establish the best strategy to enter the world's leading tourist market.

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