Chinese Social Media

Chinese Social Media

EuroPass is the digital agency dedicated to achieve the implementation of Chinese digital solutions using Chinese social media platforms.

Chinese social media - WeChat


EuroPass provides WeChat management services including WeChat account registration & certification, WeChat Mini-Program creation, and WeChat Pay integration for overseas business.

EuroPass will help you to complete the whole WeChat registration process and choose the best-suited account based on your needs & expectations. Through Hyper-Targeted Advertising posted on WeChat Moments, EuroPass delivers messages and promotion only to your target segment to maximise cost efficiency and conversion rate. Besides that, WeChat Mini-Program can have different usages for your business development.


EuroPass provides your brand with a complimentary Alipay storefront and Alipay Mini-program activation service. Both of them drive users to your boutique via product displays, promotional offers and marketing campaigns.

In order to activate the service, please contact EuroPass for advice to set up acceptance of Alipay as a payment method first. Then EuroPass will help create a brand customised virtual Alipay storefront and Alipay Mini-program to enhance appeal and interest from your potential guests.

Chinese social media - Alipay
Chinese social media - Weibo


EuroPass is a professional digital agency for Weibo Marketing & Advertising, Account Registration, Layout design, content creation, Weibo Event Marketing Campaigns customization.

At a time when consumers are no longer brand loyal, brand exposure is vital. EuroPass offers quality targeted content and regular publications to achieve both customer retention and user expansion.

EuroPass team knows how to capture attention through a set of subtle methods for Weibo publication. They use a hybrid combination of Mass-Communications & Hyper-Targeting, including tagging (#,@), prize contest, lucky draw, KOL, and event organization. Europass makes merchants benefit from Weibo marketing to reach Chinese market.

Little Red Book

Xiaohongshu (2013), also known as Little Red Book, is one of the most popular online shopping and social plateforms in China. The two main sections of this “mark my life” platform are:

In the Little Red Book community, users can post their own “shared notes”, including product testing, sharing of travel experiences, and strategies for travel destinations.

Chinese social media - LittleRedBook
As the expert of digital marketing, EuroPass provides you with a complete Little Red Book solution. We make an account operational strategy for your brand, including account registration & positioning,  content layout design & publishing strategy, hot topic creation and KOLs collaborations. Contact us for further details. Let’s work on making it a professional channel exploring your Chinese market!”
Chinese social media - Douyin


Today, Douyin (Tiktok), is one of the most popular short video social platforms.

EuroPass is here to provide you with a comprehensive Douyin account operation strategy and customize exclusive short video content. We help you to launch marketing campaigns on the Douyin platform based on your needs via the live streaming function. EuroPass is here to make you use the Douyin platform to achieve the transformation from marketing to brand communication.


Mafengwo, a social-media-travel platform based on user-generated content.

As a professional digital agency for Mafengwo Marketing solutions, EuroPass firstly helps you register your account including account creation, name selection, and account certification.

Our marketing team also designs and produces quality content combined with personalised Mafengwo marketing campaigns that inspire actively users browsing Mafengwo, while promoting your brand and your services to Chinese tourists. As a go for travel platform, Mafengwo inspires new trips and let travelers share their own experiences on the platform, becoming ambassadors of your brand.

Chinese social media - Mafengwo

Do not hesitate to contact EuroPass if you want personalized advice in order to establish the best strategy to enter the world's leading tourist market.

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