EuroPass is the digital agency dedicated to Chinese tourism customers, European leader in the implementation of Chinese digital solutions.

WeChat travel experience

WeChat Travel Experience – POI & Coupon

EuroPass assists merchants to increase their visibility on Chinese users through a set of promotion tools.

The “WeChat Travel Experience” mini-program (WTE) displays merchants storefronts (POIs -Points of Interest), classified into three categories (Sightseeing, Hospitality, Retail). It allows you to present your offer to travellers with a personalized, attractive and informative landing page that includes photos, audio & text description. The application is also capable of simultaneously displaying exclusive commercial offers thanks to the couponing function, bringing more Chinese tourists to your local stores.

H5 mini-games
EuropPass develops and customizes H5 mini-games according to your needs.

Increase subscribers

With fun H5 mini-games and promotional campaigns to attract followers quickly.

Generate in-store traffic

Use coupons or giveaways as campaign prizes to guide players to redeem prizes in-store, effectively converting fans into customers.

Brand communication

Integrate the brand image into the H5 mini-games so that the brand is better known as the campaign progresses.

On-site solution

Allow customers to scan the QR-code on site to participate in H5 mini-games and attract more visitors.

Chinese social media - Alipay
Alipay storefront
Alipay Storefront is a geo-localized and personalized virtual storefront on the Alipay marketing platform. It attracts users to your store through product displays, promotional offers and marketing campaigns. EuroPass supports you to create a customized Alipay storefront to enhance the appeal and interest of your potential customers. You can integrate promotional coupons with special sales or a gift to stimulate your customers.


Fast and secure payment via Alipay


Improve the visibility of your brand on the platform


Deploy storefronts and coupons to drive sales

Do not hesitate to contact EuroPass if you want personalized advice in order to establish the best strategy to enter the world's leading tourist market.

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