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EuroPass  China based full-service digital agency supporting western organizations in better reaching, attracting and converting Chinese Free Independent Travellers  (FIT).

EuroPass provides social media management services and mobile payment solutions, allowing you to share information on your products and services.
EuroPass launched the Global WeChat Travel Experience Mini-Program, a Chinese friendly geolocated travel guide developed within the WeChat ecosystem, for European cities and countries.

Our Expertise

Social Media Management

Keep your followers captivated with frequent qualified publications and an interactive WeChat chatbox to handle enquiries.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Cross-border payment solutions (WeChat Pay, Alipay, etc.) open a gate for Chinese clients and play a major role in the customer conversion process.


WeChat Store combines mobile ticketing with travel guides and a custom design so Chinese travellers can plan their trip effortlessly.

WeChat Mini Program

EuroPass provides a mini-program that can be described as a solution answering your needs, helping to reach your goals, respecting your vision, values and style.

WeChat Travel Experience mini program, targeting Chinese traveller.
WeChat Travel Experience mini program, targeting Chinese traveller
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Performance Analytics

EuroPass provides detailed reporting for you to get a better understanding of customers’ social behaviours and to achieve accurate market segmentation.

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Increase Visibility

EuroPass assists you with a series of marketing campaigns, promoting and boosting your business on various channels via our well-connected network.

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Tool Creation

Aesthetic and appealing storefronts on different social media platforms to provide real-time interactions with Chinese customers.

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Benefit from a multifunctional "all-in-one" tool to present your products & services, while reinforcing interactions with your followers. Generate revenue via WeChat Store and WeChat Pay function.

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Community Management

A team of native Chinese P.R. & marketing experts work their best to enhance your traffic and performance online.

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WeChat, a global leading digital solution

EuroPass provides an “all-in-one” WeChat solution, allowing you to display information on your products and services, to develop a global digital communication consequently.






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Alipay Storefront
Alipay Storefront is a geolocated and personalised virtual shop window on the Alipay platform. It drives users to your boutique via product displays, promotional offers and marketing campaigns.

Your China e-payment solution: A fast and secure payment via Alipay

Promote your brand: Enhance your brand's visibility on the platform.

Boost your sales in-store: Deploy storefronts and coupons to boost sales.

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