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Professional digital agency for Weibo Marketing & Advertising, Account Registration, Layout design, content creation,  Weibo Event Marketing Campaigns customization.

EuroPass full-service digital agency targeting Chinese Free Independent Travellers (FIT).

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Account Registration
EuroPass helps you to complete the whole registration process from enterprise account creation to name selection, account verification and domain registration.

Splendid Layout Design

EuroPass creates each Weibo account with a specific theme and pleasing layouts, providing a customized service page to present your services and events, fulfilling both your social and business needs.
Weibo Marketing Campaigns
Weibo publication Weibo Marketing

Content Creation & Publication

In an age where consumers are no longer brand loyal, exposure matters even more. Quality and targeted content and regular publications are what Europass offers to achieve both customer retention and user expansion. Our experienced team knows how to capture attention through a set of subtle tricks for Weibo publication. (e.g. Real-time Online Hot Topics)

Using wisely a hybrid combination of Mass-Communications & Hyper-Targeting, including tagging (#,@), prize contest, lucky draw, KOL and event organization, EuroPass helps merchants benefit of the synergy of these activities to grow. 

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