Wechat Service for Hospitality Industry aboard targeting Chinese travelers. EuroPass assists in capturing qualified traffic and improving the experience.

EuroPass full-service digital agency targeting Chinese Free Independent Travellers (FIT).

Wechat Service for Hospitality - EuroPass

Chinese Tourism Market

2016 and 2018 taught us about the resilience of the Chinese FIT. In addition of digital posts, most business events designed for Chinese FIT recorded a steady growth in engagement, revealing the sustainability of the Chinese tourism market.

Chinese FITs are no exception in the fact they are using booking apps to select their accommodation before departing.  Ctrip and Alitrip are two of the most visited Chinese platforms, while Expedia and are the two most used foreign platforms.

Improve the user experience

User Experience Improvement is one of the core added value services EuroPass provides to hotels. EuroPass creates, manages and boosts exposure for Hotels by presenting their services and via a Point of Interest (POI).

For restaurants, Europass assists in capturing qualified traffic, while improving the experience while being at the restaurant. EuroPass promotes your gastronomy to Chinese FIT through geo-location and couponing/discounting, both being effective in stimulating sales.

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