Alibaba Singles day - The World’s Largest E-commerce Shopping Festival

Alibaba Singles day - The World’s Largest E-commerce Shopping Festival

Alibaba Singles day(Double 11)has became to one of the most famous festival in Chinese e-commerce industry besides Spring Festival, National Day Golden Week. And it’s also a part of Chinese world-leading e-commerce innovation. Alibaba Singles Day reached to target specific young generation and perfectly combined the new age subculture with e-commerce campaign. This blog will give you full instruction of Alibaba Singles day(double 11) – the world’s largest shopping festival.

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What is Alibaba Singles day(double 11) Read Now

The revolution of Alibaba singles day (Double 11) Read Now

7 Marketing Strategies of Alibaba Singles day (double 11) Read Now

What is Alibaba Singles day (double 11) ?

​Singles day origins from online culture of universities in the 1990s, the concept first came from BBS of famous universities in China which was conceived as the subculture for young people who wanted to escape their single status.

“Singles day” reflects the social and cultural psychological needs of the new generation of universities who are relaxed, self-mocking and making fun of their single status, and creates a kind of cultural identity of the new generations.

On the other side, young people try to create and express differences from the mainstream traditional marriage culture under the social background of the proportion of male and female population is out of balance, large work pressure and money-driven marriage. 

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All in all, the DNA of singles day originally is to create a festival that could fulfill the young people’s self-satisfaction and experience pleasure and dramatic romance.

There is 4 “one” in the date which symbolize the bachelordoms, in the mean time, this date is also the commercial opportunities which in the middle of National Day Golden Week (October) and Spring Festival (March). What’s the most important, festival consumption is considered a big part of national consumption in China, the singles day just born in these conditions.

The revolution of Alibaba singles day (Double 11)


In 2009, ALibaba started the singles day promotion champions cooperated with only 27 merchants and created the slogan of “Without male(female) friends, we can still crazily shopping ”.

In 2010, Alibaba convert from “single” concept to “50% off promotion” and find good reason targeting singles and lovers to attend to this festival.

By 2011, taobao’s promotional slogan had changed to “taobao mall online shopping carnival”, and the concept of “singles day” was completely abandoned.This carnival appeared as a banner image on weibo, with massive online and offline advertising and continuous focus of mass media, so as to launch a nationwide attention promotion.

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In 2012, Alibaba registered a series of trademarks including “double11” and build the brand symbol – Tmall.

In 2013, Tmall hold the shopping carnival which was looked normal, anyway, the 350.19 billion yuan transaction volume proved the great success of the festival. Tmall doesn’t need to guide the huge online consumer group formally, as singles day has become a beacon of shopping carnival.


In 2014, Alibaba gathered journalists from all over the world and many major website opened live for the carnival. The promotion has convert from discount promotion to ceremony feast created by Tmall and mass media. 

When the time stopped at the midnight, the big screen showed 57.112billion yuan sales. Jack Ma, who is the spiritual leader of Tmall, stood in front of the big screen and marveled at the “power of consumers”. He owns the results to ordinary participants and made them share the sense of belonging and achievement.

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In 2015, the Tmall reached a new high record with transactions fee exceeded 91.2 billion yuan. Compared with the same period of 2014, the transaction volume increased by 130%, and the order volume of mobile terminal accounted for 74%.


In 2016, Alibaba started the beginning of a new era of online retail. In the first 52 seconds of the 2016 double 11 (singles day) shopping carnival, the turnover exceeded 1 billion yuan and in 6 minutes 58 seconds, the transaction volume exceeded 10 billion yuan(NASDAQ). 

The marketing strategy convert to focus on the live broadcast and other interactive games, such as popular red envelope, following gifts, sharing studio gift. Star, KOL, live broadcast and checklist played throughout the whole marketing.

In 2017, 167 brands became Tmall double 11 “hundred million yuan club”. Apple held the first place, media and millet exceeded 2 billion yuan on the single day. The online consumers came from 225 different countries or areas, and 140 thousands brands has participated the carnival. The broadcast through mobile phone attracted 45 billion audience and the deal has set at 168.2 billion.

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In 2018, records have been breaking ever since the first second of 2018’s double 11 and the turnover exceeded 200 billion yuan.

7 Marketing Strategies of Alibaba Singles day (double 11)

1. Hunger marketing

Tmall is good at creates a tense atmosphere. Many stores sell their products in limited quantities and at low prices. They use “panic”, “last X item”, “last XX time” and other hunger marketing tricks.

2. Visual Shock

Tmall strong page visual design effect induce the shopping desire of consumer. Compared with before, Tmall obviously shows more temptation. Subtitles like “50% off” and “time limit” are everywhere in the online stores.

3. Advertising marketing

Tmall’s advertisement sale includes hard and soft advertising. As early as half a month before the carnival, the advertisement has appeared in the major websites, major cities’ subway stations. On the other hand, the double 11 shopping list or double 11 shopping guide are strong temptations for potential customers.

4. Event marketing

Tmall definite the singles date as the crazy shopping festival and made it a tradition.

5. Marketing campaigns

The marketing campaigns like red envelopes, inviting friends following successfully spread double 11 to more potential audience with the help of strong e-marketing abilities.

6. Reservation sales

Many stores are putting new pre-orders to attract attention and stimulate purchase.

7. Joint Marketing

Through a large number of resources of Ali-pay and Sina Weibo for joint marketing, Alibaba combine its variety of products as marketing tools.

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