WeChat Management

WeChat Management

EuroPass provides WeChat management service. WeChat account registration & certification, create WeChat Mini-Program, integrate WeChat Pay with your store.

EuroPass  full-service digital agency targeting Chinese Free Independent Travellers (FIT).
WeChat Managemnt - EuroPass
EuroPass helps you to complete the whole registration process: enterprise account creation, name selection, account certification, menu & sub-menu design and API setup. EuroPass considers your needs & expectations to advise you in choosing the best-suited account.

An excellent function launched by Tencent in 2017. A powerful low-memory mobile application embedded in WeChat that users can open without having to download and install them separately. It includes geo-location, gaming, couponing, click & collect, and many other functionalities. WeChat mini-program can have different usages for business development.

  • Store
  • News Platform
  • Tool Analytics
  • Chat
All these usages contribute in helping merchants promoting to Chinese travellers globally and effectively.
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Communications & Advertising

Europass engages in marketing promotion, brand image building, community growing, engagement optimization via weekly publications, on top of the responsive interactions with users.

Through Hyper-Targeted Advertising posted on WeChat Moments, Europass delivers messages and promotion only to your target segment to maximise cost efficiency and conversion rate.

WeChat is transforming European e-commerce with its payment service, WeChat Pay. Europass is a pioneer for introducing this payment method to European merchants, integrating WeChat Pay to merchants’ POS system and allowing them to accept payments from Chinese travellers.

Wechat Pay brings new sales opportunities by enabling Chinese tourists to pay conveniently at the point of sale with WeChat Pay. Actively used by over 600,000,000 users every month, WeChat Pay is rising continually.

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