EuroPean Recovery Plan

European Recovery Campaign

Chinese Tourism Market – “Wanderlust, Wander Europe” – A Campaign 100% Dedicated to Destination Management Organizations (DMOs)

EuroPass full-service digital agency targeting Chinese Free Independent Travellers (FIT).

Wanderlust, Wonder Europe

EuroPass is working on a European recovery plan on behalf of the European Travel Commission (ETC), in partnership with European tourisme association (ETOA) and co-founded by European Union. This campaign “Wanderlust, Wonder Europe” is dedicated to the Chinese outbound tourism market (1st market worldwide)

EuroPass, ETC & ETOA will supply support throughout the overall project to help DMOs develop the right action plan. Thanks to the pan-European nature of the campaign, EuroPass will make sure to use all the available assets to highlight destinations according to the profile of key players helping to drive visibility.

European Recovery Campaign​

If you're a DMO? You want to promote your destination on the 1st worldwide outbound tourism market ?
Apply here before Friday, July 10th, 12:00AM

(Selected destinations announcement on Monday, July 20th, 12:00PM)

Chinese Tourism Market European Recovery Plan Webinar (English version)
Plan de relance européen dédié aux marché touristique émetteur chinois (VF)
Key Points

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