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EuroPass is a digital agency dedicated to Chinese outbound tourism. Founded in 2016, it is now the European leader in the implementation of Chinese digital solutions.
EuroPass is one unique digital communication agency also providing e-Commerce, digital ticketing and mobile payment solutions, able to deliver a comprehensive offer targeting Chinese FIT.



Social Media Management

Keep your followers captivated with frequent qualified publications and an interactive WeChat chatbox to handle enquiries.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Cross-border payment solutions (WeChat Pay, Alipay, etc.) open a gate for Chinese clients and play a major role in the customer conversion process.


WeChat Store : a combination of mobile ticketing, travel guides and a custom design to make Chinese travellers plan their trip effortlessly.

WeChat Mini Program

EuroPass provides a mini-program which is the solution to answer your needs, to make you reach your goals, respecting your vision, values and style.

WeChat Travel experience
The WeChat Travel Experience is a 100% digital and multifunctional travel solution. One-third of individual Chinese tourists visiting France have already used it in 2019.
Born in France in 2017 under the leadership of Atout France and EuroPass, this initiative has broadly extended to the entire national territory. It is now an international solution. It is now possible to discover in Chinese via the leading digital platform in China, the storefronts of international tourist establishments (attractions, shopping, restaurants, etc.). Based on a geolocation system, the mini-program integrates the following services:
European Recovery Plan

To maintain the link between Europe and China despite the health crisis, EuroPass managed a global campaign dedicated to the Chinese tourism market. The European Tourism Commission (ETC) and the European Travel Association (ETOA) co-organized the campaign, co-funded by The European Union (EU). The objective is to strengthen the touristic attractiveness of European destinations to Chinese FITs

The campaign promoted 35 selected European destinations from 8 European countries. It has generated on average 47 000 000 page views and 141 000 interactions per destination for the 35 destinations partners from September 2020 to March 2021.

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