WeChat Travel Experience Mini program

EuroPass developed a tool named WeChat Travel Experience. This tool, a mini-program, integrated in the WeChat environment is dedicated to Chinese travellers. While surfing on China’s most popular social media, Chinese tourists have access to hundreds of POIs (Point of Interest) in European destinations split in three categories: Sightseeing, Shopping, Hotels & Restaurants. Each POI is geolocated and displays photos, a description in Chinese, a Chinese audio guide (1 minute max), practical information (price range, opening hours, rush hours) and also a function “guide me to”. In addition to the pin on the map, each POI appears in a scrolling menu below the map. The 1st and 2nd places are the most visible since they appear directly at the launching of the map, and degressively to the 60th POI.
WeChat Travel Experience Order Form
Please upload your Order Form, suggested in JPG format.
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POI(s) Information

If you do not have a Chinese name yet, EuroPass will suggest one
Please indicate your main address, you can also give us your GPS coordinates
This visit time is the average recommended time for a Chinese tourist to enjoy your POI
Please remain generic
Please provide a Wetransfer link or other links which allow us to download your visuals. Up to 10 visuals are recommended.
In French, English or Chinese – EuroPass can translate into Chinese (max 150 words)
In French, English or Chinese – EuroPass will record it in Chinese (max 100 words)
Please remain generic or please give a price range
If you grant a special offer, please attach the voucher and the description of how it is granted
Ideally a name and a WeChat ID

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