How to make a hit via Little Red book?

How to make a hit via Little Red book?

As a forward-looking content platform, there is no doubt that Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu) is one of the top trends in the era under the rise of social media. In this post, we’ll give you a comprehensive understanding of this fantastic platform. Mainly, introduce this platform from three values: user value, content value, and marketing value. We are also combining some essential data.

Little Red book's User value

Little Red Book has a high-quality active user group in the Chinese network. Its user value has three characteristics: High user stickiness, youthfulness and strong consuming power. At present, it has 450 million registered users, more than 450k new posts are added daily, and the exposure of a single note is as high as 10 billion.

Little Red Book can be called excellent because it does three things well

  1. Entry point
  2. User experience
  3. Growth model

Little Red Book seized the opportunity of this era and made a significant decision to find his accurate platform positioning-“life”. It has seen an entrance to mobile search and has developed into a service platform for the full path of life search.

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We can see from the above that the age group of users on the Little Red Book platform is younger, mainly concentrated in the 18 to 34 age group, and have strong spending power. In addition, users are mostly distributed in developed cities such as Guangdong, Shanghai, Shanghai, and Beijing. Meanwhile, These young consumers are also potential content creators. The creators rely on publishing notes on the platform to help the brand reap potential consumers.

Little Red book's Content value

Little Red Book’s note types cover pets, education, and other types covering all aspects of life, such as beauty, food, pets, and education. And the newly launched “professional account” function has helped users confirm the content direction of their account. At the same time, it is also encouraging more and more users to join in content creation. Use “graphics + video + live broadcast” to meet user consumption and brand launch needs in a variety of scenarios.

The two cores of the Little Red Book platform: community and e-commerce. The community is a module for users to post notes, and it is also the core of Little Red Book’s stable users. In realizing e-commerce, Little Red Book strives to maintain the balance between the community and e-commerce and effectively supervises the commercial promotion within the platform. In terms of content layout, it conforms to the changing habits of users in the Internet era. It choose to introduce video and live streaming functions, and encourage merchants and KOLs to conduct private domain live streamings without disturbing the user experience of the community.

Little Red book's Marketing value

The “Insight Report on the Rise of Domestic Products” released by QuestMobile in 2020 shows that Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou, and Little Red Book are among the four major domestic social platforms. Little Red Book has attracted attention with a high conversion rate of 21.4%. Little Red Book insists on the concept that “Seizing the user’s decision is the key position for brand reputation.” Unlike the consumer behavior path of traditional e-commerce, the user behavior path of the platform is the ability to drive consumption directly through user notes. And also allowing customers to generate purchase behavior and publish new messages on the platform for product sharing. With interest consumption and social planting as the core, it emphasizes the closed-loop of trust built by actual experience.

In the Little Red Book, everyone can be the main communicator. The brand first allows celebrities and top KOLs to post content to increase product exposure. After that, spread by other KOLs. This way can help form a co-creation atmosphere in which users drive users. Suppose a group quickly follows up and recognizes it. In that case, it will continue to radiate similar groups of individuals, eventually forming an ecosystem, paving the way to develop the most popular products.

The platform encourages KOLs to conduct private domain live streaming, and publish live streaming-related information in conjunction with notes, and finally use live streamings to monetize e-commerce. Make full use of the user stickiness of KOL, realize rapid growth of e-commerce realization, and increase the platform’s exposure.

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