EuroPass offers digital service for Chinese tourism industry, supports western organizations increase their visibility and  help them fullfill their goals digitally. We use WeChat Travel Experience – China-based tourism Wechat mini-program as a cornerstone. 

EuroPass full-service digital agency targeting Chinese Free Independent Travellers (FIT). 

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Chinese Tourism Market

The rise of the Chinese tourism market offers an opportunity for tourism professionals, eager to capture this clientele of fully independent travellers (FIT). No longer confined to visiting only emblematic tourist attractions, Chinese tourists become more adventurous and sophisticated.

Thus, Experiential Prism has now taken precedence over notoriety. Eiffel Tower Selfie is no longer something to be jealous of, but horse riding in the Palace of Versailles park, a cooking class with a Michelin Chef or kayaking under a historical bridge might.

However, differences such as language, payment method, etc. continue to prevent Chinese FIT from living a perfect journey oversea.

Animate your project with Our Services
Europass supports tourism professionals regarding concerns on their Chinese travellers’ approach, offering solutions to the frequently asked questions below :

We continually innovate our processes thanks to the feedback of our collaboration with entities in tourism, culture and entertainment (Tourism Board, Tourist Attraction, Museum, etc.) all around the world. EuroPass always works on improving the strategy that best suits your business, vision and objectives.

Over the past decade, the way Chinese travel has evolved constantly. Adaptability is now a key to success to satisfy the new demands. EuroPass is a 100% dedicated in assisting clients seizing the best opportunities in this ever-changing scenario.

WeChat Travel Experience

Because growing without making alliances can be a difficult task for tourism professionals, EuroPass takes every opportunity to create joint campaigns for players in tourism, culture, transportation, hospitality and retail with the objective of reaching marketing efficiency, user awareness, satisfaction and competitivity for all parties. We are using our “flagship product”, the WeChat Travel Experience, as a cornerstone. An all Chinese WeChat customer service hotline was created to handle customers enquiries regarding our clients’ products and services in order to maximise conversion.
Venise WeChat Travel Experience
China-based tourism Wechat mini-program - EuroPass
China-based tourism Wechat mini-program - EuroPass
Finest Consulting Services
Last but not least, EuroPass has always ensured Key Performance Indicators(KPIs)to obtain a continuous growth in control under our manipulation, follows with an exhaustive analysis to guarantee success, and a virtuous circle of growth in our every operation.
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