WeChat Official Account Simple Guide

WeChat Official Account Simple Guide

On 27th February 2018, the WeChat Official Account opened its doors to businesses abroad. Companies from most countries in the world could now create and certify their WeChat official account overseas . Certification fees decreased from $ 300 to $ 99.

Why open a Wechat official account overseas?

Before, the users of an international official WeChat account were different from those of an official Chinese WeChat account. Chinese WeChat users didn’t have the opportunity to subscribe to an international official WeChat account. Thus, foreign companies could not take advantage of the large user group of WeChat (WeChat account from March 2019 reached more than one billion users worldwide). Nowadays, foreign entities have the right to create and certify an WeChat official account overseas, which almost includes all the functions of a Chinese WeChat official account.

The difference between an WeChat Official Account Overseas and an Chinese WeChat Official Account

Wechat overseas official account - EuroPass

EuroPass has helped many foreign companies to create their overseans WeChat official account. The question that has been asked most often is: what is the difference between an WeChat Overseas Official Account and a Chinese WeChat Official Account? You will find a summary attached. …(Tencent is constantly updating its features. The following content can be updated at any time.)

We can see that if you are a foreign company and your customers come mainly from China, you must create an WeChat overseas official account to increase your visibility in the Chinese market.

Introduction of the types and functions of the WeChat Official Account

WeChat service account
Service account
Wechat subscription account
Subscription account

The difference between the subscription account and the service account