WeChat video account, a new way to promote your brand

WeChat video account, a new way to promote your brand

How can your article attract more readers? With the explosion of short video platforms in China, more and more people tend to use fragmented time for short video browsing. Nowadays, China’s short video users have reached over 900 million, including around 300 million WeChat Channel users. No one can deny that video marketing is innovating the whole market. 

In the past, most marketers often used text and images as the first choice for content marketing. For now, EuroPass teams are devoting to become a video marketing player. To find more diverse content promotion, we will not miss any efficient function on WeChat platform. Here is the article that will introduce WeChat Channel account to you.

Introduction of WeChat short video

The WeChat Channel is a platform that enables users to record and create short videos on WeChat, launched in January 2020. The content of the WeChat Channel is mostly images and videos. It could post a 30 minutes video with text and links to WeChat public account articles. After it is posted to the mobile phone, you will see some interactive features such as likes, comments, transfers, and attention. WeChat Channel also enables the user to do live-streaming, and links to WeChat E-shop Module, converting the traffic to revenue. As a short video product, WeChat short video platform is owned by China’s largest social network and has over 1 billion monthly active users.

WeChat Channel for EuroPass

WeChat Channel was operated in January of last year. The content of the video could be the presentation of the brands’ product or flagship store in an innovative way, virtual tour of the famous travel destination and the highlights of the live streaming etc. Most of this content could also be based on sharing the live-streaming clips and replay. The recommendations for Paris POIs are intended to complement the content of our WeChat public account and WeChat mini-program.

Best practice

Moreover, EuroPass as a digital marketing agency, we also manage customer’s WeChat channels for example the WeChat Channel of Geneva Tourism, by promoting the natural landscape, culture, gastronomy, and architecture of Geneva, we aim to promote the humanities of the city of Geneva, to attract more tourists to  discover its dynamic and beauty.

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