Chinese Social Media Case Study

Chinese Social Media Case Study

This blog is to introduce the application of Chinese social media in tourism industry. It allows readers to understand the Chinese social media such as WeChat, Weibo specifically.

1. WeChat Travel Experience

In order to help outbound Chinese travelers have more efficient and convenient trips, EuroPass has cooperated with ETOA, Atout france and Office de tourisme Paris to promote the launch of EuroPass WeChat Travel Experience mini program. 

WeChat Travel Experience Mini Program QR Code
Chinese social media - Office de tourisme Paris QR Code

EuroPass WeChat Travel Experience mini program covers 37 cities in 12 countries. The service is in Europe covers many European countries, including France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Northern Europe, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and Portugal.

Chinese social media - WeChat Travel Experience mini program
Chinese social media - WeChat Travek Experience mini program map

WeChat Travel Experience mini Program focus on varies location. Experience France, Experience Paris and Experience Edinburgh mini program have been all associated with the WeChat official account of the local tourism bureau. 

The app is the collection of local attractions, shopping places, hotels, to provide tourists with the real-time location navigation services. Besides, EuroPass cooperates with merchants from all over the world to promote discount information of big brands in real time. It aims to providing you the top shopping experience.

The outbound Chinese travelers needn’t worry about the language barrier, because the mini-program provides the most comprehensive attractions and transportation information. What’s more, the real-time voice guide accompanies users throughout the journey, becomes the most intimate European travel housekeeper.

Chinese social media - le louvre
Chinese social media - le louvre

2. European ticketing mini-program

Even though Chinese customers have accustomed to mobile payment on WeChat and Alipay platforms, they are not familiar with the outbound tourist ticketing. In order to solve this problem, we launched the European ticketing app (WeChat ticketing mini program) that can provide customers an easy and convenient journey.

European ticketing mini-program
European ticketing mini-program

At present, our business has spread to 33 cities around the world, including Paris, London, New York, Dubai, etc. User in WeChat travel experience mini program can be redirected to WeChat ticketing mini-program. Moreover, they can buy tickets of attractions and transportation through WeChat Pay.

3. RATP mini program

RATP mini-program provides navigation function for users. This kind of mini-program allows them to find different points of interest and map out the tour routes. EuroPass launched RATP mini program in 2018 and helps Chinese travelers experience Paris better.

RATP mini program
RATP mini program

4. WeChat official account and Weibo official account of Office de tourisme Paris

EuroPass created and operated the WeChat official account for the Office de tourisme Paris and the official Weibo account of Paris je t’aime. Both of them make Paris the first European capital city who owns the overseas verified account.

Office de tourisme Paris Wechat official account
Office de tourisme Paris weibot official account

The WeChat official account has incorporated the “WeChat city experience” mini program (Paris Experience), which provides mny different kinds of services. For instance, smart map, route recommendation, Chinese scenic spot introduction and voice tour guide, etc. All of them can be regarded as the intimate travel butler of Paris tourists. In addition, a series of commercial services such as scenic spot ticket reservation and online shopping mall purchase also really facilitate all aspects of the journey.

Chinese social media marketing

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