Communication Proposal During COVID-19

Communication Proposal During COVID-19

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Dear partners, clients and friends,

In these exceptionally challenging times for all of us, personal health is the top priority.  EuroPass team would like to wish you and your loved one’s strength, good health as well as positivism to cope with this critical situation. 

We understand that many industries and most probably your business as well, is severely affected by the current situation.  Creative and flexible solutions are now needed to best overcome this difficult period together.  At EuroPass we obviously have taken necessary safety measures and are strictly following the guidelines issued by the relevant governments across the world, where our teams are based.  We also want to provide to our partners, clients and friends supportive options to minimize the harm caused by the pandemic, to help stabilize the situation as fast as possible and offer solutions to ensure that we are all best prepared for the time when business will pick up again.

During the pandemic:

EuroPass team is fully mobilized to assure your continued communication to the Chinese market. Our hotline on WeChat works 7/7 to respond to any enquires from your customers. Thus, they can be informed of your current opening times, any closing dates, cancellation policy, refund policy, pandemic prevention measure your take…

We also advise you to keep your contact with the Chinese market by continuing to publish articles on WeChat / Weibo.  For sure, our Chinese team who understand the current situation in your country and in China, will also help you to adapt your communication to ensure it is both impactful and relevant.

EuroPass team would also encourage you to take advantage of this situation, in order to plan ahead and be prepared to attract and serve these lucrative Chinese clients, who will be travelling again, once this painful period is over. 

To prepare for “after pandemic”:

The Chinese market remains the no. 1 outbound tourism market of the world.  Currently there is a pent-up demand to travel in China, and after the crisis, when they are allowed and able to travel again, we will see a catch-up effect, and for sure, Chinese people after several weeks of containment will wish to shop, see new places, have fun and travel.

This is an opportunity!

We suggest you do the following:

– Prepare now – display – pay later:

All new storefront(s) on the WeChat Travel Experience mini program will be prepared and display now for free.  Payment will be differed until the situation goes back to normal. Therefore, you’ll be ready to fully benefit from this pent-up demand when it happens.

– Interested in creating a WeChat account/mini program, Weibo, Douyin, Mafengwo accounts:

Use this time now to prepare the set-up and the structure in-order to be ready and operational as fast as possible when the situation gets back to normal.  Payments can be delayed but the preparation work should take place now.

– Marketing campaign:

To capitalize on the catch-up effect, several main destinations are already preparing marketing campaign for the 2nd half of the year.  It’s a perfect time to define a powerful and strong campaign for this coming period.  Benefit from our knowledge and feedback to organize your campaign (online game, key opinion leader, advertisement…).

Exceptional situations like this one need particular, customized solutions.  Please get in touch with our team to discuss personalized options on how we can work together.

EuroPass team is looking forward to a healthy, fruitful and long-term collaboration and most importantly we wish you all the very best.  Stay safe.  Please take good care of yourself.

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