Marketing Solution via video social media platform in 2020

Marketing Solution via video social media platform in 2020

The purpose of this blog is to introduce fundamental information about Douyin. This article amis to provide clearer strategy for companies who are targeting the Chinese market and willing to develop their brand on the Chinese social media platform.

About Douyin, a video social media platform

Douyin is a video social media platform for mobile phones designed to help users express themselves. Users can produce rich and diverse high-quality recreational videos in a  short time slot. 

In 2018, Zhang yiming, CEO of Bytedance, announced that douyin was downloaded 45.8 million times in apple’s App Store. The downloads of douyin outperforming Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and have become the most downloaded iPhone App in the world.

Douyin has developed more effective functions and management system, such as risk warning, time management, time lock, parent-child platform and an online shopping system.

Douyin also developed its international version: Tiktok. 

The main differences between them are:

  • The different ways of registering: Tiktok’s account number is mainly personal
  • The “search and push” rule: Tiktok tends to be localized
  • The realizable way and the content style.

The slogan of Douyin is: “record the good moment”

Douyin User segment of target groups

Advertiser: Douyin, as a large music and video social media platform, has naturally attracted a lot of business in the platform’s advertising. They are more focused on the convention rate of the advertisement: whether it delivered to the targeted population, the click rate, etc.

Kol&Influencer: Kol and influencer marketing are essential in content marketing. One of the key strategy is to turn the product into a topic. The content with effective communication could be spread into the natural communication on social media.

Although Kol&influencer are all the ‘interesting soul learned to play social media’ which basically means that they amplify their influence by using social media, the definition of Kol&influencer is different in Chinese social media platforms. Kol&Influencer marketing successes either by attracting attention or by professional.

The other key is precise communication to the targeted audience. Both of Kol&Influencer need to constantly subdivide and purify the followers through the operation of fans in order to continuously improve the commercial value of their own fans.

Users who are willing to share their life via Douyin

Most of these kind of users are followers.  They love to record food, scenery, fun in life and follow the popular video that has been shot. They love to follow the trend with no fixed followers, no specific theme, and uneven video quality. They recreate for themselves and record the treasured moment. These kind of users are typically called  ‘user in the middle’.

Watch diving: Users that spend their free time. The largest base must be those unknown users, in the consumption process. This kind of users do not have a strong expression and the desire to be noticed, or have a communication on the social media. They spend time to have fun and bring huge traffic and potential economic benefits to the platform.

After gradually improving the product, Douyin has paid attention to the marketing and the large increase of the users’ amount. The age group of Douyin’s main active users has grown from 18-25 to 25-30. With the rapid growth of the number of users, the content level is also moving towards a more mainstream and diversified direction.

tiktok influencer

Douyin User’s interest preference

In 2019, Videos about food, animals, plants and sports are still popular. On the other hand, people with different gender shows different behaviors. Male users are more interested in automobile, military, digital science and technology, while female users have a higher preference for makeup, maternal and child care and education. Different ages also have specific topics to follow. All the data contribute to the good advertising strategy.

Biggest video social media shopping platform

Douyin provides the Douyin Shopping Cart to users, which allows certified accounts to connect their TMall or Taobao store with Douyin and fulfill the directly buying within the limited impulse of consumption. These functions include commodity window, video shopping cart and live shopping cart which help talent and enterprise accounts increase their ability to carry goods in order to achieve the efficient transformation of Douyin traffic.

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