Industry analysis, Chinese information industry

Industry analysis, Chinese information industry

The development of information industry

In the previous information industry, the content of information was determined by editors, users could only choose to receive information at a fixed time and place. With the development of the times, users can participate more in the content production and distribution process. more independent choices.

With the continuous development of the Internet industry, after the Web3.0 era, the information industry has entered a new era, the pan-information era. In this stage, the information content is more centered on user needs and assisted by search technology. Staff can use multi-dimensional data to determine user preferences, so that information can be more accurately transmitted to targeted user groups.

For the latest “pan-information” era, we currently do not have a clear industry definition. According to the definition of the 36Kr Research, “Pan-information is a further expansion and extension of the information boundary. All the information used:the conversations you see and are relevant to you, can be called pan-information. ” Today, Douyin short video, Zhihu platform’s Q&A, and WeChat/Weibo users’ posts are all within the scope of pan-consulting.

Four value of “pan-consulting”

Nowadays, the value of the new information platform can be present in four aspects: user value, data value, traffic value and ecological value (source from:

The “pan-information” industry can better meet the users’ individual needs for information. Users can also obtain the information they need more quickly through the precision marketing of the platform. Based user portraits and operational data, the advertising space of the pan-information platform began to develop. The concept of payment for traffic came into being. As content is the focus of the information industry, high-quality content and original authors have received stronger support in the “pan-information” era, which is conducive to the formation of a more standardized information ecosystem. The four values work together to make the brand’s influence continue to expand, and the commercial value is also improved accordingly.

The market status of the “pan-information” industry

From the source from 36Kr Research, The first echelon “pan-information” products with DAU (Average number of daily active users) exceeding 100 million are represented by WeChat, Weibo, Toutiao, Baidu, Douyin, and Kuaishou; the second echelon DAU is between 50 million and 100 million, such as Station B and Watermelon Video, etc.; the third echelon DAU is between 10 million and 50 million, such as Little Red Book, Zhihu, and Qu Toutiao.  

According to URORA’s survey results, users browse information mainly for understanding current affairs and tracking hot topics. Nearly 60% of users tend to browse information posted by following accounts

What we are doing

As a senior digital marketing industry expert, EuroPass is committed to providing social media management services and mobile payment functions. At present, it has cooperated with many local tourism bureaus in France to help them develop the Chinese market through digital solutions on the WeChat platform. We can also provide content marketing on Zhihu platform, Weibo, and Toutiao according to the needs of enterprises.

Our team regularly publishes customised content for the company on social media to enhance the visibility of the city. EuroPass provides digital solutions that can be described as a complementary plan answering your needs, helping to reach your goals, respecting your vision, values, and style. 

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