Jinri Toutiao, “content player” for your business

Jinri Toutiao, “content player” for your business

"What you care about is the headline ( Toutiao)"

Toutiao (literally “Headlines”) or Jinri Toutiao (literally “Today’s Headlines”) is a Chinese news and information content platform. It’s also a core product of the Beijing-based company ByteDance. Toutiao is one of China’s largest mobile platforms of content creation, aggregation and distribution underpinned by machine learning techniques with 120 million daily active users as of September 2017. (source from: wikipedia)

Jinri Toutiao combines current affairs news and industry content with a broad audience. Jinri Toutiao is the primary medium that most B2B companies choose to release press , product information and develop content marketing. 

Chinese social media - toutiao

Toutiao users' interest sections

Toutiao users’ concerns mainly include fashion, food, real estate, home, car, workplace, parenting, education, games, travel, sports, health, culture, finance, technology and digital. Here, taking French tourism as the key word, four areas of fashion, tourism, and culture are selected to illustrate the characteristics of user distribution in gender, age group, and geography.

Chinese social media - toutiao

First tier: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
The new first tier: Chengdu, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing, Nanjing, etc.
Second tier: Zhejiang Province: Ningbo City, Yunnan Province: Kunming City, Fujian Province: Fuzhou City, etc
Third tier: Shandong Province: Weifang City, Jiangsu Province: Yangzhou City, etc

Here, as we can see, female users account for 62% while male users account for 38%. To sum up, females care more about the fashion section. 31-50 year-olds prefer to get fashion information through headlines. And people in first-tier, new-tier, and fourth-tier cities prefer to use headlines to read fashion content.

Chinese social media - toutiao

Males are 11 points higher than females, and they are particularly interested in the age of 31 and above, and the fifth-tier cities prefer higher than the first and second-tier cities.

Males are 16 points higher than females, and the 31-year-old has a higher preference for this. What is interesting is that most of these people come from the 3rd-tier, 4th-tier, and 5th-tier cities.

Toutiao users’ behavioural preferences

Moreover, in the behavioural preferences of users for obtaining information on mobile phones, 40.3% of users actively search for relevant information, 38.6% of users view information pushed by the platform, and 36.2% of users actively follow official media accounts.

In terms of overall data, 80% of users want to obtain relevant news and information, and only 27.7% of users browse information shared by acquaintances such as relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. It can be seen that users like to obtain relevant news and information on their mobile phones.

In summary, we should think more about how to place advertisements on the platform, how to cooperate with relevant travel information columns, and publish valuable information on the brand’s platform so that users can use the fragmented time to read more information.

Toutiao Enterprise Account, an efficient B2B tool

“Enterprise Account” is a type of “Toutiao Account”. “Toutiaohao” is a professional information release platform launched by Toutiao for the media, national institutions, enterprises, and self-media, dedicated to helping content producers gain more exposure and attention on the mobile Internet efficiently. As of the end of November 2016, more than 390,000 individuals and organizations have opened headlines. Among them, there are about 300,000 self-media headlines, and about 90,000 other types of headlines such as government, media, and companies (source from: baike.baidu).

Chinese social media - toutiao

Toutiao’s marketing strategy, focus on your content

Toutiao Enterprise Account can support rich creative genres, including articles, videos, micro headlines, Q&A, columns, audio and other genres. Toutiao will recommend based on users’ reading habits, so the number of readings is not determined by the number of fans, the key of success is high-quality content. And the effect of traffic acquisition of Toutiao is good, the daily activity of the platform is high, so if it is operated properly, a relatively objective traffic can be obtained.

How to use Toutiao Enterprise Account to monetize content?

There are generally three ways to monetize Internet products, advertising, e-commerce, and games. Today’s Toutiao mainly chooses to monetize ads. This is because a large amount of user data is mastered, enabling Toutiao to implement advertising based on the user’s specific portrait. Toutiao uses accurate big data to make personal news recommendations, and successfully grasps the psychology of consumers. Moreover, Toutiao continues to improve the projection hall section, trying to create a new way of acquiring traffic.

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